Olé Flamenco Dancer (22nd hour)

Carmen waits for the guitarist to strum and pluck

While the other dancers sit


Stomp in unison

The singer wails *con tanto pasion

Egging Carmen on

To slam her feet on the platform

As she raises her left hand in the air with her fan in her right hand

She struts her fan open and waves her arms about to the singer’s moans

Carmen thrusts her body to and fro

Spins from one corner to the other

Contorts her body into a modelesque stance

Her dress seems to be made of wind and flames

Twirling her skirt open like a rose

Whirling her hand and fan wildly around the air above her head

And in one final pitched cry

In one final strum

One final pluck

Final stomp

She gently but forcibly moves her arms back to her sides

Closing the rose to rest

And back up again

Beautifully frozen



*is spanish for “with lots of passion”


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