So Not Nocturnal (21st Hour)

I am not here

I am not there

At this point, my brain feels like it’s going no where

I’m too groggy to think

Too tired to care

I just want my bed and pillow

The hell with the end zone

My soul, however, wants something quite different

It screams let’s finish this, you dip shit

It bullies the brain with memories of never finishing what we started

The brain begins to cry, it is fainthearted

The soul pokes the brain and calls it a quitter

The bitter brain beats about

While the spritely spirit stomps and shout

Meanwhile, my body is full of caffeine rage

Muttering under its breath to all shut the fuck up and stay the hell awake


4 thoughts on “So Not Nocturnal (21st Hour)

  1. Ah, I’ve been there. I have the comfort of being a 1/2 marathoner who’s now complete, but I’ve experienced this frustration other times. The beauty in this is that you wrote it, and we readers can relate even if separated just a bit. Keep going!

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