The Señorita (23rd hour 2020) prompt

“We’re going to Kentucky…We’re going to the fair…to see the Señorita with the flower in her–”

Nursery rhymes nursery rhymes

use to be the story of the lives

of folkloric strangers that we never knew

but that didn’t stop them from coming after you.

“The Señorita with the flower in her–”

From afar we could see her approaching

Lanky body, cracking with every motion

Her bloodied cracked face were covered by her veil

and if you stop singing she would begin to screech and wail

The Señorita from the fair

would pull at our hair

as we held our circle tight, sang her song

teased the next kid who was to

turn around and

turn around and

until they make a s–

The Señorita from Kentucky, the one from the fair, she was rather unlucky upon the Ferris Wheel.



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