Listening – Hour Twenty-Three


Just be still and listen and then tell me what you hear
Is the quiet all but deafening? Does it make you shed a tear?
Does the silence bring you anger, for you need chaos throughout
Or does it bring you worry, filling up your head with doubt
When I am still and listen, I can hear the keyboard click
I can see the blinds there dancing and hear the clock’s soft tick
The little sounds oft silent in our daily happenings
I guess, a good reminder, to stop and greet the little things
Our lives are often busy, much too busy to embrace
The simple things like lights on printers or a stranger’s smiling face
The things we all admire when we stop to take the time
Like the crackling of the fire or the grooves around a dime
When we stop and use our senses, counting each now – one by one
We are forced to pause a moment and embrace what we’ve begun
By listening, we’re hearing; by seeing, we delight
In the glory that’s before us that we feel with all our might
We can touch the leaves below us, crackling upon the ground
We can smell the rain around us, finding peace within its sound
We can taste the joy of coffee to awaken us at dawn
With all our senses at the ready, we tackle the world head on
But only if we listen and be still, so we can hear
All the sounds that are around us and what everyone brings near
Could be joy filled or just painful, elation or remorse
But regardless, there’s a lesson if we choose to stay the course

One thought on “Listening – Hour Twenty-Three

  1. Lovely. I write similarly with some narrative. Sometimes I stop and try to edit with more metaphor. I’m impressed it’s a 23rd hour poem. Nice work!

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