The Bridge – Hour Three

She stares at the bridge, as she’s done years before
As memories across time come back to the surface
For once, she was younger, the foliage the same
As their timeless love story began
A young Marine and a seamstress in waiting
A summer romance gaining wings
That carried the pair across miles and years
Through whatever life tossed in their way

As she looks at the trees, she remembers his smile
In that sweet and yet, subtle request
To spend each forever, together as one
The start of their life ever blessed
Through trials and tears and all the good years
Their lives intertwined through it all
In memories, he’s there even if years removed
As the distance between becomes small

As the water bubbles and kisses her feet
She feels his warmth pass on the wind
She knows that still soon, her own life is complete
And for her, the angels he will send
To carry her home into his loving arms
Two hearts brought together once more
Together, as one, where the sand meets the sea
Reunited within Heaven’s Door

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