Season of the Toddler – Hour 7 Prompt

It was the best of times
Short person knee hugs
Sloppy peanut butter kisses
and giggles
But then…..
A storm and flood of emotions
A tantrum
Waves of wailing and tears
Angry thrashing and toys strewn about
In the middle of the violent storm
Momentary calm as the eye appeared overhead
But then, the backside of the eye wall appeared
And raged
Strongly filled with screaming, screeching and anger
Seconds seemed like hours
Minutes like days
But then, as soon as the storm formed, it passed
Sanity restored
A wrath of cluttered damage lay strewn
But the toddler’s category 5 level of upset
Returned once more
To knee hugs, peanut butter kisses and giggles
Until the warm emotional waters churn
The next Big One

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