The Climb – Hour 5 Prompt

As the journey concludes, I stand at the peak
As I gaze o’er the valley below
The sunbeams, a shadow of where I have been
Their light, signs of where I’m to go
For while here on top, where I can touch the sky
I am left with a yearning for more
The first step, admitting willingness to try
With a far greater purpose in store

The fog with the cleaning, a symbol of hope
Reflections of a past I’ve defeated
Success amid life’s most slippery slope
And though, it may sound quite conceited
I’m left wanting more, in this life I can choose
Having scaled o’er that chosen for me
For here at the peak, I have nothing to lose
But a future I’ve destined to be

So as I reflect on the ways I have risen
Grateful to have done so and grown
I will bid adieu to this unwanted prison
And make each new moment my own
The future is calling, I’ll answer its challenge
And take it one step at a time
For here, I am free from the unspoken damage
And blessed to have mastered the climb


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