Suicide by Plane

Said bye to the Mrs and the girlfriend too

It’s a long haul flight – got to get this right

I’m fighting to sit in Business

But it’s cattle class I’m at.


Got my sketchpad and pen

Ever since I was a little’un

I’ve recorded what I could see

and when I couldn’t see what I wanted

I invented it


Lights on – seatbelt on extension

squeezed around. As soon as we’re in the air

I’m loosening mine, I’m ignoring the sign

It’s coming off, no-one is going to stop me

Sorry? Yes, of course, thank you, click click


I stopped taking them two weeks ago.

Which ones? All of them. Had enough

It’s over, nowhere left to run

It’s been such a long time since anything was fun


As it takes off I can feel the pressure in my jaw

I wonder which of my teeth are falling out.

I check to see if I am lucidly dreaming

I’m not


Ear pops. Chewing gum furiously

But it doesn’t alleviate the pain

Nothing one can do on a plane –

No pharmacy on top deck to visit

Just grin, just bear, just sit


It was when the plane was in sharp

incline that I put 2 and 2 together.

When I reached 7 I sketch as fast as I can

But by now the lights are down


I always wanted to go to Bangkok

Didn’t know that bucket lists

were an option for the dead

I excuse myself from the sleeping row

I’m on the aisle, it’s easy to go


Suicide by plane –

Hit the heads.

Sketch not finished

Just didn’t reckon on this schedule

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