hour 23

The bracelet

Jewelry not one of your things
But you appreciated the effort to keep you safe
I gave you the bracelet for your 76th birthday
To show your allergy to penicillin
When I gave it to you it had a picture of Elvis in it
A young man leaning against a car…he hadn’t’ even died yet
You wore the bracelet every day since you weren’t welding anymore
It wouldn’t get in your way driving the bus.
It might someday keep you safe from a doctor

I wanted the bracelet back and got it that day as mom slid your wedding ring onto her finger before we drove out to the cemetery
The family asked me why
I told them it was for the child
Your bracelet in pocket for later
I rang my finger across the cold metal as we stood near you grave
Back at the house, I gave the bracelet to the child
I’m sure she doesn’t remember
She probably doesn’t even have it any longer
But since she was also allergic I thought she could use it or just keep it to remember you
As I do now.

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