A strange day for Goldilocks was two years to the day later 

after eating their porridge, bursting the chair. and sleeping in their littlest bed:


They had chased me to the treeline,  and lifted fists in the air — Do not return!

But on this anniversary, this heat of early Spring gives me a sense of lethargy,

(Grandpa loves to teach me BIG words.)

and an overwhelming urge to return to their cave-home in the woods.

I have never ever had such a lovely nap!  or visited a more charming homey cave!

Could I wear a mask?   No, they would need to see my friendly smile.

Perhaps if I bring a gift.

My birthday present bottle of honey, from The Firefly Fairy Farm might do.

My Mom knows I want to visit the bears, but she wants me to settle for less,

“just do a Zoom meeting with the children’s department of the City Zoo.”

She just doesn’t understand; and darn, she locked the door.

She thinks this human cottage is where I should always be.


by Nancy Ann Smith    Amherst, Ohio

June 27, 2020    Poetry Marathon







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