“Does it matter? Grace is everywhere.”

When does it?


Some might ask, When “does it matter?”

If Grace is here, can pain be here?

An essential question regarding infertility, and loss, and cancer.

If grace is everywhere, can suffering occur anywhere? anyday?


I am the wrong person to ask, of course.

My life has more happiness than struggle.

Who else gets to spend a day playing with poetry?

But my friendship with God feeds my trust everyday.


My daughter and niece never conceived.

God stayed with them in the good lives that each chose for living on.

Bill and Jim and Joe have each buried children.

God gave them Grace to get through that pain, everyday.


Mom fought Cancer and won twice, of the three times.

Angels helped, feeding her hope that she could finish her tasks, and she did.

Pain can be found everywhere, and angels with soothing courage come around.

God’s Grace is everywhere, everyday.


By Nancy Ann Smith,   Amherst, Ohio.     June 27, 2020    Poetry Marathon

The last line of the book Earth Crammed With Heaven  by Elizabeth A. Dreyer, is “Does it matter? Grace is everywhere.”

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