Hey, Mom

Hey, Mom, Here’s the latest happy news,

Andre — your first great-grandchild — is getting married

he was just 12 when you ran out of time with us.

The whole world has this Covid-19 to worry about

but I know what you want to hear:

the glories and the struggles of your dearest ones.


Your parish is struggling, as are most around the world.

You and Fr. Tom must be helping behind the scenes

as Fr. Ratar has been doing more than seems possible

for two parishes now!   The priest shortage is showing.

The younger generation continues to take church — and God — for granted.

And now the older generation is quarantined at home with the Covid-19 virus.


Your home for those years of building the family is still in the family.

Your grand-son, Joe, and his kids live there, and recently gave it a fresh coat of paint

light blue in the front room, 1st paint experience for 21-year-old Joey, and Amanda;

Lesi, supervising, and paid for by big Joe’s wallet, thickened by overly over time.

New sweets outside, too; white siding, black trim, greenery under the front window

Their biggest struggles are employment and money — remind you of the past?


Your sister Rose, and cousin Katie, are still here; 90 yr-old matriarchs of the family

Your God-son, Rob, has his Mom living with him, and she asks everyone who calls

to take her home.   Her boys aren’t willing to let go.  They know she wants home

to you, and Jesus, and all the rest.

Aunt Katie still drives to the store once a week; babysits a dog for a recovering friend

since she outlived all her beloved pets.  She prays a lot, and the world needs it.


We kids of yours are all doing whatever we can – some great stuff, some rough stuff.

Claudia’s been struggling, feeling unloved in the midst of those who love imperfectly.

John and Dan doing OK.  Bill’s been in the hospital twice this year and it’s only June.

He’s fixing the world in ways that make you proud, but it takes so much body and soul.

Jim is getting angry, this Covid-19 virus and world insecurity is hardest on him I think.

Linci’s marching to her own drum- at the front of the protest line- protecting, helping.


I miss you.   I look forward to seeing you again, someday.

with Love from your firstborn, and most fortunate daughter.


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