Prompt #11: What is Heaven Like?

Well my dear girl, heaven is what you believe it to be.
Mine is built courtesy of The Wizard of Oz and The Care Bears.
When my imagine comes to life and I see places unseen
I dream that heaven is beautiful and colorful, joyous.
Kind of like clicking your ruby shoes together
You follow the yellow brick road through fields
and over rainbows to the pearly gates.
Father God is there to great you and comfort you.
He is there to welcome you home.
The sun is always shining, even when it rains.

Can we have cake in heaven?
I think so my dear.
Will you be there to read to me at night?
Of course, my dear.
And daddy too?
Then heaven sounds like a nice place.
When do we go there Mommy?
Oh, not until God calls you home.

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