Phrase Florist 2016 Marathon Poem #8: Marathon Stream

Marathon Stream

breathe deep, exhale, now write

poems, poetry, fingers typing

words that make sense, words that are silly,

words that resonate, palpate and pulse

to ramble with sentences, free from constraint

let the muse flow unfettered, she’s loose and unkempt

a creek’s worth of water and words, creative juices

relax, let go, relent, forget

when sentences won’t come, don’t panic or tremble

just shake off the water and float through the pause

all is well, your best has been done

the race is half over, contest near complete

grateful when finished, content and connected

ready to swim once again in twenty-seventeen

you rock, you’ve done it, splash gratitude gushing

now shut down, rest your fingers, dry off, go to sleep


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