Prompt 24 ~ Post # 24 The Greatest Gift

So many times we give a gift

wanting something in return.

But there is a gift I have received

I wonder if you’ve heard.


It is the gift one size fits all

and guess what it is free.

It’s given to the entire world

it’s given to you and me.


It’s the gift of eternal salvation

that wipes our sins away.

The gift of eternal salvation

with the price already paid.


It’s the gift of God’s Son, Jesus

for all to be set free.

The gift of God’s Son, Jesus

for all eternity.


He asks that you would want Him

and ask Him to come in.

Then He will live inside of you

and let a cleansing begin.


Just ask Him for forgiveness

for the sins of your past.

And He will erase as you confess

and give you peace at last.


So why not take a minute

and ask Him in your heart.

Where you’ll receive the greatest gift

and my friend, a brand new start!  💌


by Del Bates



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