I am a ceaseless wanderer

who carries all I own

as I wander place to place

not knowing which

is Home.


I tread the path of the world

as aimlessly I go

searching, seeking

waiting, hoping

for something I don’t know.


I’ve always been an orphan..

can you sense my pain?

I am a loner who walks

night and day

down the lonely lane.


Suddenly there appears

a set of footsteps true

in the dirt

of the trail which comes

into my view.


The Man who I see there

looks at me with Eyes

which have seen

many things

and nothing a surprise.


He looks at me with an endless,

penetrating Gaze

and I know I am looking back

at the Ancient

of Days.


He tells me the greatest Story

and no longer am I blind

for He has seen

my searching

for something more sublime.


He says: “I was once lonely.

I had no pillow for My Head.

I hung on a Tree

until they made sure

I was dead”.


“They thought me a vagrant..

whose time was more than gone.

My teachings

they had despised

for so very long”.


“But, where I went they couldn’t go.

I had loved until the last….

even those who

rejected Me

in my lonely past”.


“Now, I am King of the Angels.

I am no longer alone.

The Earth is My Footstool.

And Heaven is My Home.”


“I invite you to come with Me..

your wanderings are done.

A whole family

awaits you,

my most blessed son”.


I look at Him in wonder

as slowly I surmise

that as the deepest night falls,

is when the brightest

Sun does rise.


So I stepped forward in trust,

no longer alone.

I know now where I am to go

on this path

which leads

to Home.












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