Sun’s Pajamas

Sun’s Pajamas

Hanging from a hook
on the tail of the moon
flannel 2-piece set
emblazoned with stars
and comets on an indigo

They hang on the dark side
of the moon during the workday
sun working, warming them,
heating us through chilled seasons,
perhaps overdoing it in summer.
Overnight, the moon takes over
works his magic to lull us
to keep the sun’s sleep.

Early morning
on my busiest day,
the sun sits on my bed
a light resting, a reason
to halt my hurry, make
me smile sun bright wide,
welcome me to sit beside
light rays that embrace me,
their center warming me,
warning me to slow down
so I don’t miss a message
hanging from the moon
without shadow.

~ J R Turek
June 28, 2020
Hour 17

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