There’s Still Time

There’s Still Time

Though I hear my internal ticker
tocking off the years, I remind myself
that it’s not too late to learn something
new, try something different, go places,
even just to take a closer look at what
I’m doing, what I need and want…

and I pause at want. The seconds tick by.
What do I want? I know what I need,
know my obligations, responsibilities,
aware of my time and financial budgets,

but what do I want?
I always wanted to learn to play piano;
take an overnight ride on a train; watch
a sunset on the beach; teach someone
to write, if even just their name.

I’ve often thought about learning
another language besides the crumbs
of French and Spanish I know. I’d love
to take a course on mural painting, not just
on tee shirts, shoes, and my garage.

I miss spending summers in the Amish
Country in Pennsylvania as a teenager;
driving east through vineyards
on Long Island; I miss going fishing…
and as I close my eyes and inhale,
I can smell the salt air, taste the sea
on my lips, and remind myself

that there’s still time but don’t wait.
Go, now, before I forget what I want.

~ J R Turek
June 28, 2020
Hour 23

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