This morning I fell in love
with the Tropical Rainforest shower gel
I bought yesterday in the dollar store.
No mind to curtains of snow falling
outside my bathroom window, I was
transported through the steamy veil
to stand beneath a misty canopy of trees,
caw caw of birds, screech of monkeys
trapezing from limb to limb, air heavy
with humidity as I inhale the heady scent
of jasmine and mango.

I step into the spray, my feet hover
over a floor of ferns and loam adapted
to low light. I shiver in sheer delight.
A lustless devoid of compromise, and
lacking a vow of monogamy, I revel in
the freedom to bask in naked admiration
of a scented mirage.

Tomorrow, I may find myself falling
for the new and improved polar mint
fresh taste of toothpaste…

how I love falling
in love.

~ J R Turek
June 27, 2021 Hour 19

One thought on “Understory

  1. What a beautiful, sensual journey through an experience we may often have but don’t consider in such a detailed way! I love the contrast between the sultry heat of the shower and the ‘curtains of snow’ falling outside – and the final stanza with its thought that ‘Tomorrow, I may find myself falling/for the new and improved polar mint/fresh taste of toothpaste…’ really makes me smile, for the world is such a sensory adventure for you! Beautiful!

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