Hour 8: a book of secrets

on my deathbed, I’ll whisper my secret

about a book I’ve long held as a guide.

it has a map, of sorts,

a beginning of a journey of our world,

and parables about a lost sheep and a

Savior nailed on a cross.


3 thoughts on “Hour 8: a book of secrets

  1. Beautiful poem /summary of book/Bible. I love this poem and found it intriguing and suspenseful as you build up to the Revelation of this “Book of Secrets” aka The Bible. Very appropriate title! Your summary of, ” parables of a lost sheep and a Saviour mailed on a cross” is divine. Just one comment…I kept reading “…Parables of lost sheep”…as this Book contains many parables of lost sheep…. and by making this plural, it adds to the balance/pp my opinion. I loved this poem!

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