Whatever Will Be, Will Be

When the dawn breaks, my dreams-they will fall
And down will come reality, cradled in the long haul.
For what I dream
Is too much a far-fetched fantasy.
Only things within my reach can withstand
And reasoning that nothing ever goes as planned-
But they say “Keep moving forward” to an unknown destination
My soul isn’t starving for cheap and hollow placation
But I drive on-
Although trapped in thought, withdrawn
Blurring lines between what is and could never be
Sailing upon the waves of the North Sea
Thread the needles and stitch it up quick
Holding tight to the ideals of that which is chiliastic.
Keep holding on or let it all go
But keep it from repeating this section of allegro-
As the enthusiastic rhythm competes with
A nihilistic future, an intimidating monolith.
So I keep hope tucked away in my back pocket
I put cares away and put my life on the docket
What I can control now is more about myself
To add to the collection of stories on my bookshelf
As this life of mine is a vivid tale of spoken word
And a simple existence that’s not all that absurd
I have struggles with “let the chips fall as they may”
And wait for the unknown that comes each day.
As much as I need to control my world
To map it all out and remain furled.
I always require foreknowledge on what is to transpire
Instead of firing blindly-getting nailed in the crossfire.
So I’ve tried to retrain my mind to take it as I go
Even all the things that previously I didn’t know
And welcome the surprises that aren’t all that worrisome
And add it to the list of things that make what I become
A masterpiece of mosaic modeled by mania and depression
For some it seems I’ve made quite the lasting impression
I take each experience and learn from the curve
Add it to my growing and transcendent life’s oeuvre
Roll with the punches and let it all flow
And hold my open palm to receive the rose of Jericho
I must live in the moment, not internally argue about what can be ascertained
Obsessing only leaves me cold, listless, and constrained.
So I opt to exist in a world where I’m content at best
And welcome all that is simple that leaves me implicitly blessed.
It is time now for me to let go of the reins
Overthinking and caution have wrapped me tight in chains.
Allowing myself to lose control and let what will be, be
And accept that in time what is unknown will never always hurt me.

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