Attention Attention


Attention! Attention, read all about it

Spot light on,

Scene 2-take 23-action!!!

Is it all about you?

Is that all that you do

Can u not be the center today?

Can u b with the commoners, Movie star

Drama queen

Give me space so i can cause a scene

All eyes on me I am the queen

Your eyes need to see so they can envy

Me, me, everything me

Give me a break –

Attention seeker

U are meager

Fight for a role

One night u can’t go without diggin a hole

For recognition is ur only goal

Compensation, what for

Arrogance and ignorance really become u

Misery loves company and ur alone on this one

You, you, all you!

Over the top

Ever hear “Less is more”?



Bring u back to my library-

Lesson 1:

Attention seekers

Victim players

Recognition needers

Drama queeners

Get a grip




Today is not ur day

This is not ur 15 mins..

Can’t get a spot off my light

Wait ur turn

Thief my thunder

So u thought

Reality check

It’s not about u chick!

Seekers don’t know what to seek.

Scene 34-Take 12- action!!

As I make my grand entrance


No pictures please, no pictures please!

Yea right, Moviestar

Drama queen

Wish u had a friend?

U rather b in the running for next Mrs. America’s Got It Goin On!

Phony is what they call you

Beauty is shadowed by the things u do

People can’t understand it,

No they don’t like you

Arrogance and ignorance, u wear it well

Unfortunately you are everything your mother is

Next role is playing the victim

Oscar Award

Encore Encore!!

I know this one, it’s where she blows things out of proportion so everyone can feel sorry for her,

Seen It- Hated It!!!

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