Like the Montague’s and the Capulet’s

A forbidden love is what has risen.

Pointed fingers take turns

At reciting the laws that were given.

To sneak away for the night is a risk taken

Our love could never be mistaken

A battle between worlds would drive us apart

A secret love is what we hide in our heart.

When the evening comes we shall hold

Only darkness can tell whats to unfold

I look to the moon and you utter goodnight

You watch over me and tell me its alright.

Against the laws of nature that u should kiss my very lips.

It is a sin that we should make love due to our status.

It’ll be frowned upon if u mouth the words I love you.

Is it a crime to want you and u to want me too.

Confusion if we wandered to close in the day

Soon it will be love- and from love we can’t walk away.

Deaf to the conscience and blind to fact

The love that is growing you can never take back.

It could never be regrettable — our love

When you face the inevitable — my love.

Can’t they find the joy in

Our love that has been poisoned?

By Khalifah Luciano

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