Where have I been

So you want to know where I’ve been ?

I been chasin.

I been gamin.

I been playin.

I been waitin.

I been here

I been there

I been absolutely nowhere…

I been hi and lo lookin for someone.

Been to hell and back

Been to the deepest parts of the oceans

Been to the highest mountain

Been lookin for something.

Been searching for a love

Not so complicated love

Some kind of special love

I want that real love

Will try not to hurt me love

Will always love you love

We can be happy love

I want to love you love

Butterflies kind of love

Sweep me off my feet love

Doesn’t make me cry love

Make beautiful music love

Hot and steamy love

Wake me from my sleep love

Let’s do it again love

I won’t fall asleep love

Breakfast love

Hold me tight love

Never let me go love

Flowers for no reason love

Spontaneous kind of love

Just because love

Be by my side love

Always got my back love

Never disappointing love

Won’t leave me waiting love

Tomorrow may not come love

Cherish the day love

Never run away love

Someone to call my own love

Talk to you all day kind of love

Grow old together love

Together forever love

Never walk away love.

So where have you been?

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