All For Me

This is my third year doing the marathon. The marathons of 2017 and 2019, though, had a core focus. This year, however, those focuses have melted away, leaving nothing behind. And as I sat and wondered what in the world was going to be my muse, I realized something. This year, it’s all for me. I’m my own muse. It’s my turn. My turn to work through who I am, my turn to find out who I am, my turn to really soar and churn in my heart all the things that need to be churned. This year, this marathon is all for the jumbled mess that is me — no outside influences needed. 2020 isn’t the year of the other people in my life, 2020 is the year for me. So here goes nothing.


God speed and Gd bless. We all got this, together. One poet to another.

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