Clarissa and the Farm Hand EXTREME CONTENT hour 8

Clarissa, queen of the manor,
Hard-nosed boss and crueler wife,
Had a penchant for the farm hands,
Enforced stable dalliances.

Silas, strong and handsome, arrived,
Instantly employed for her quim.
Set to work on cattle herding,
She watched his sturdy body writhe.
Silas scorched her ardor alive,
Low dresses, accidental pour,
Leading ’til he could take no more.
Unbuckling his dirty pants,
Lifting her dress, passionate pants,
Clarissa, queen of the manor.

Trysts in the stables after dinner,
Coupling in surrounding woods,
Meeting as often as they could.
Tragedy hurt lady sinner,
The girl was pretty and thinner.
Maid of the manor, an indoor life,
Burdened his lady, evil strife.
Beaten, bruised and taken far,
Sold by evil men, his crushed star.
Hard-nosed boss and crueler wife.

To win back his older lover,
Silas used his wiles and guile,
His plan to sate her truly vile.
In the fresh straw lay his lover,
Eyes blindfolded and well smothered.
Ropes tightened on ankles and hands,
His tongue ran up her quim as planned,
Until she could suffer no more,
He took her with a mighty roar.
Had a penchant for the far, hands.

Rubbing her leg with the horse whip,
Slapping her thigh until she cried,
He knew her body well, her pride,
And cracked her hip with the horse whip.
Ropes tightened, raising the queen’s hip,
Whips cracked in the air, but not his.
Instant pain seared each limb, she hissed,
Arms and legs stretched, tore and severed,
Head-torso collapsed and slithered.
Enforced stable dalliances.

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