The Hypnotist VERY EXTREME 19

An unusual creature dances,
Purple catsuit, two lengthy horns,
Stripping for her grim clients,
Monsters watching monsters,
Her feminine form,
She writhes lithely,
Squirms lively,

A hypnotist takes to the grave stage,
Music ceases, fleeting drum roll,
His eyes lock on hers, his act,
Audience waits, breath bated.
‘Continue stripping all,’
Instructions fall,
Clothes come off,

Black satin bra and panties thrown off,
Hypnotised she bares all, cheers rise.
‘Strip all,’ he hands her a knife,
She hacks her hair away,
Trims long eyelashes,
Shaves off eyebrows,
Chops nails,
‘Strip all,

Blade drags each shoulder, she peels arm skin,
Pulling off the dank sleeves of flesh,
Thighs cut, skin stockings pulled off,
Immune to her own screams,
The bloodied rags lay,
Crimson raw limbs,
Torso flayed,
Fave scalped.

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