The Vampire’s Captive VERY EXTREME CONTENT hour 16

The vampire’s captive, Rob’s captive,
Purchased on the streets by the manservant,
Manacled in the mansion’s lowest cell, living food.
Initially seduced by the immortal’s prowess she submitted.
The feeding frenzy grew in ferocity, unless another plaything caught his eye.
Anna grew weary and worn, barely cared for by the manservant,
She tried to overpower him, attempting to escape,
But her weak form failed.

At length the furious footsteps came!

Anna startled as the door burst open,
Weary and frustrated by her captor the words rolled from her trying tongue,
‘You are nothing. You’re not a god, you’re not human.’
Rob drew his hand back and swept it across her weakened face,
She let out a small laugh hoping for the release of death.
‘Do you desire to death Anna?’
He had to subdue his brazen slave.

There was a time when Anna believed that he offered eternal life,
She was nothing more than a prisoner,
She had been deceived.
The depths of his sadism soon surfaced,
His gentle pain free bites replaced by savage cuts,
An object for his pleasure.

The feelings of adoration and admiration faded,
But the crafty vampire sensed they were not entirely diminished.
He lowered his gaze,
Caressed her face and hair.
Sensing confusion the monster looked into her vulnerable eyes,
Willed her to surrender once again.

His lips kissed hers,
She responded as the dimming spark within her rekindled into a full flame.
Her belly tingled and she allowed her mouth to take in his tongue.
Rob’s need for satisfaction ready to be truly fulfilled,
He pulled her hair easing her head onto the pillow.

Her legs parted submissively as he climbed on top of her,
His teeth sank into her lip and he tasted the blood.
Rob ran a line of kisses from her mouth down the arch of her neck to her breasts and back again.
Anna’s well of excitement grew,
She let his tongue slip into her mouth and he invited her tongue back into his.

The spell shattered like shards of glass.

A sharp sensation seared as her mouth filled with blood,
Eyes widened and she released a woeful shriek,
Deep crimson fluid streaked out between the crushing of their mouths.
His teeth bore down onto her tongue,
Sharp, stinging, throbbing,
Her body arched in fight.
Easily able to overpower her frail frame, he enjoyed her luscious struggles.

The vampire bit harder and his eyes rolled back in ecstasy,
Blood soaked his mouth.
He twisted her tongue,
Piercing it over and over.
Finally with one deep grasp he ripped the organ from her mouth,
Feeding on the exquisite fluid.
His acidic saliva scalded the bleeding wound,
Cruelly he abandoned her in her wretchedness,
Mourning on soiled sheets.

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