A Time—Constraint of the Ego

The Ego appeared and spoke to me

Saying, “I” now wish to be heard

In a time that is of now—presently

In a time that’s yet conquered


The Ego’s debut

Appearing at hour nine

For as the ninth letter is said to construe

The “I” of what’s possessed by time


The Ego raised itself to say—

For it is “I” who (presently) speak these words

For “I” am also often found to convey

Time that’s said to move backwards


For the verb is found in times past

The tense that speaks of me

But when the motion of what “I” had cast

Spoken of time that’s been—done already


“I” linger in time that’s passed

Things— already achieved

Done— and yet am now surpassed

By the conjunction of an “am” presently relieved


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