Epistle to Glen Ryan – Prompt # 4

I wept when we reached Sherwood Lane

and learned we’d not see your smiling eyes again.

Sis and I traveled far praying we would reach you in time.

Many hours in the air,

clenching armrests on our chair, we shared our hearts and hopes.

More than that we shared our prayers.

Prattling down I-5 with a brave brother-in-law at the wheel,

we wanted only to make it to your side as our tears we tried to hide.

The oldest and the youngest of your daughters,

facing years of unspoken words to offer you.

Finding a strange peace in the humming

of your old truck’s engine and trees moving quickly by.

Days that followed now seem like a blurred dream.

Words said in eulogy.

Songs read, not sung.

Memories, stories, photos, all shared with love.

I still weep knowing it will be awhile till

I see you again, but I smile knowing I will.

Forgiveness begins with me,

Love began with His Son.

I love you, Dad.  See you soon.


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