Suddenly Shattered

First tornado siren goes off:

Hurry. Hurry. Pack it light and fast.

Grab only what you need, what will last.

We’ve far to trek so boots will be best,

they are good for hiking, We’ll give them a test.

Following day, reaching through the rubble, Robert calls out to Lily:

“Where are you;

reach out your hand so I can see you,

I’m coming to you.

Do not move if you are bleeding.”

Heart pounding, Robert pleading

As he pulls a dresser away, he heard Lily say:

“Here, here. I’m stuck and can’t reach up.”

There is no force of nature to keep him from getting to her side.

Finding supernatural strength, Robert steps

carefully through the brokenness that is now their life.

Together finding items they treasure,

one helps the other to realign and measure

what matters most as daylight slips away,

they must come back to search another day.

They have each other, and nothing material matters.

Hand in hand, they trudge through the pieces, all scattered;

evidence of a life suddenly shattered.



6 thoughts on “Suddenly Shattered

  1. Thank you for writing this poem! People who haven’t been through a tornado or hurricane or any destructive disaster can better understand. You have exhibited what I love best about poetry — telling a story in the shortest form, but winnowing out just the superfluous words and holding on to just the sharpest feelings and images. WELL DONE.

  2. Your words are very kind. I feel this doesn’t begin to convey what families all over the world are struggling with today. Thank you for your comment.

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