Too close

Everything in this city is just too close to me

Too loud, too dirty, too bright, too tall

But most importantly,

Every on this fucking subway is too close to me

I am sitting

The man spreading his legs wide, arguing about fantasy football over text on my left

The woman with thicc thighs watching tv on her phone to my right

The fifty or so people crammed in front of me, arms and shoulders all presses together

Pretending that they aren’t screaming internally

The middle aged man wearing ill fitting trousers has his crotch right in my face

Everyone is way too close

I can smell them

Someone needs to shower bad

Oh for ducks sake someone farted

The putrid smell is slowly taking over

What did they eat last night???

I can feel their flesh pressing up against mine

This is way more intimate than I want to go, they haven’t even bought me dinner yet

A sneeze


Now we are all sick

I hate this city

And I hate this subway car

Oh shit, it’s my stop. Gotta get off

Until next time train.

I will not miss you



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