Season of the Bossa Nova (similis bossa seneca)

Serious spoilers for Portal 2. To proceed, click the stalemate resolution button…

She had taught her what it was like to be threatened by an enemy, but Wheatley had taught her how it felt to be betrayed by a friend.

Blue Sky, chapter two

They call them revolutions ‘cos they always come around
There’s that one, brief shining moment when it all seems sound
The future’s bright, and everything is going to be fine.
And then it dies.

A new head on an body full of madness, full of hate
How could one small, frightened core escape that dreadful weight?
Or was it always in him, to betray me in the end?
I miss my friend.

Now She and I are falling, past the markers of the years
Summon up determination, banish doubts and fears
There’s bound to be an answer, every test here can be solved.
The world revolves.

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