Since we arrived, we rightly rule
As Avlem are best placed to do
The Empire’s soldiers serve our side
We rightly rule, since we arrived.

The natives are a sorry lot
Who can’t make use of what they’ve got
We’re better than them all, by far
A sorry lot the natives are

We’re honour-bound to take the lead
How else can primitives be freed
From savage ignorance all round?
To take the lead, we’re honour-bound.

Form: Swap Quatrain

Note: This is me exploring my fantasy world a bit more. The Avlem are not the leading military nation in this world (that would the the Empire, with the soldiers). They do, however, believe themselves to be the pinnacle of proper civilisation, and as such to have a duty to civilise the rest of the world. Starting with this new land, where the natives are so backward they don’t even have centralised government!

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