Poem 15 – Shaunton’s Heart

A medical scare,
Emotional disconnection
From myself
From my life
From the goals I set for longevity,
Uncomfortable discussions exchanged with my doctor.
I didn’t want to believe it,
I had to hear the truth.
I had none.
It was either live or die.
I chose to live.
I didn’t want butter, cheese and fried food to snatch me from the beautiful handcrafts of God.
I didn’t suspect my favorite greasy foods to be silent killers.
I expected to eat what I wanted
I KNEW I would live forever,
But that was impossible.
I refuse to leave my body without saying goodbye properly,
I lived too much to die so soon over nothing.
So I chose to live,
To eat better,
Walk away stress
And take better care of
Shaunton’s heart.

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