Without the fluids see
I get those migraines
But I won’t drink plain water
I tried and carried a jug for months
Always still half full at twilight

Way too many migraines

Any one of my ten
Classrooms has tea stains on the carpet
I clutch this grown up sippy cup or
Put it down
Knock it over
Leave it precarious
My mind is with the kids you see

This district allows
Personal appliances
So my 1.5 liter water heater is
And the drawer full of teabags
A serious compromise from
Hand picked organic loose leaf and infusers
But see let’s not be nuts about such things
At least not at work

After real tea in Japan
No paper baggies and thread
Do the trick for my ritual

Though at school I admit
I can hold my tippy sippy in both hands
Sneak in a quick prayer for patience or with luck
Quaff a warm, soothing draft that
Hides a bittersweet smile

See I can’t
Keep a straight face around the kids.

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