Cat Sank

At this hour of the day,
when the morn’ is new and sunny,
thinking of my favorite cat,
is really rather funny.

There’s Vinnie, the Calico
and Chester lives next door. 
Oh, and there’s also Ollie;
Just one of many I adore. 

I know and love several cats
This much is true
the one I want to tell you about
is named ‘Cat Sank,’ also known as Yeux.

Cat Sank is a French feline.
she is smudge pot black; cute as can be, 
with a wide white stripe on her backside,
for all the world to see.

Cat Sank wears a beret
And is funny, bright and full of spunk, 
She really has only one small flaw:
She’s in love with a skunk. 

I want to hold her in my arms
but outside she must stay 
Because of her love of Pepe LePew
And his awful malodorous spray.

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