The Wall

A glimpse of the other side
gives way to full view.
An interloper can observe
with circular arguments
and telescopic focus
the secret garden
on the other side.
(There is always another side.)
Nothing left to the imagination.
Perhaps they are rabbit holes.

Are they holes at all? 
Perhaps they are more
openings than holes. 
It’s late and 
I don’t want to get into 
knotholes that are not holes,
unless there are not knots
in them. 
(The opening was there and
I took it.)

Our minds look for what isn’t,
until we train ourselves to be grateful
for what we have.
Until then, we waste our time,
wanting what isn’t there, 
Realizing it is only a wall.
(This makes me think of 
The Beatles.)
(I love to turn you on.*)

*”A Day in the Life,” Lennon-McCarthy, 1967.

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