Hour 21-longing

Longing for coffee, a massage and sleep

A bubble bath, Promises to keep.

My man to help with the kids, to help clean the house

Flowers, a handwritten note from the thought of my spouse.

Covid-19 banished, masks and illness burn

Health, wealth, love and happiness to all return.

My husband’s boss to see the work he does with all his might

For half the means and twice as much and all throughout the night.

For the liars that get away with all because my guy just lets them

His selfless nature hurts himself but only time will get them

Scavenging for Edu fees to give our baby’s schooling

This Covid-19 virusĀ  time has been nothing less than gruelling.

But as I long for all these things I realise how blessed I am

There are far less fortunate out there now and I have my precious fam.

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