I place my hand upon my heart.


To feel what is inside.

At times the beat is strong.

Distinct, rhythmic, full.

Or just a quiet tap

where sadness dampens joy

to remind me that I am.

In every timber I remember

this accent as my gift to shine.

To bring my light.

To stay in step, to not ignore

That I am here to be.

12 thoughts on “Beat

  1. Beautiful!!! This poem is so eloquent! I love your imagery and especially the different metaphors for the heart and heartbeat…”In every timber I remember”-stunning line! Well done! I hope you consider submitting this lovely poem!

    1. Thank you very,UCD. I appreciate your words.Yes. I think this one will be submitted. I’m so sorry for the tardy delay in responding. I’ve been having issues with my email and Internet.❤️

  2. This is about a simple action that I wonder how many experience. Periodically I put my hand over my heart just to feelit. The poet tells us of the good reasons to do this and I think many can identify with feeling the beat.

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