For Robbie, Who Lost an Arm

For Robbie, Who Lost an Arm

you used to lay your arm
around her
amidst The Evil Dead, theater dates,
and everything Nicholas Sparks.

you used to catch one-handed high school
wide-receiver. your knotted spear of elbow
thrust into my stomach mid-moshpit.
we wrestled in sixth-grade and your half a foot difference

pinned me to the sheets. your hand misspelled
university essays, fingers forgetting grammar.
i can still see your old muscle, that sinew taut
under athletic arm. i can still see it mirrored from the other

and i forget the metal thinness and how it
connects to your shoulder. i forget the pictures
of recovery. i don’t even know who we are anymore,
and more than just an appendage has lost its life, its function.

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