Poem #18

i realize i never tell you i love you,
it’s not because i don’t, i do,
you just no longer deserve to hear it.
my “i love you” would hit you
like a confetti bomb,
the sudden boom of my words and the confetti
will be stuck to you for the next week.
my love stay with you
until you’re sick of it.
you tell me you love, multiple times a day.
throwing the words around like unclaimed packages
hoping someone will claim them but they’ll end
up getting thrown away or forgotten.
your love doesn’t stay
it strays.
your “I love you” is used when you no longer know what to say,
it fills the conversation void.
it saves our relationship from getting “awkward.”
my “I love you” is not to be taken lightly,
because even once we’re through
i’ll still love you…

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