Poem #11

city in the sky

somewhere beyond the stars
there is a place
way up beyond our sky
nothing but blank space
you know the space when you fly in between the clouds?
it’s a lot like that
i once thought i saw a whole city there
it wasn’t a flashing glance
i stared at it fully from end to end
it was absolutely amazing
and i wondered if i was the only one
who had seen it
if i was the only one who saw the bridge
that led to the gate
and it was beyond breathtaking
i wondered if they saw us go flying by
the way we watch airplanes from the ground
i wondered if they waved
and wondered why i didn’t even say hi

One thought on “Poem #11

  1. This poem makes me think of the Judy Garland song, “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. The city between the clouds. It’s up there. The poet encourages us to believe that. And of course we all wonder about saying “hi” to whatever we find up there in the sky.

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