Poem #4

memories of summertime

concrete sidewalks hold the memories
of us playing hopscotch and jumping rope
in the street
playing jacks in rotation on the porch
you sitting in your red t-shirt, tan shorts
eating an ice cream cone in the middle of july
leaning against the railing in my tank top,
cut-off jeans and flip-flops
watching the sky change from dawn to dusk

we were always friends
always so alive with promise
imagination and wonder
always so full of hopes and dreams

some days i think i would give anything to go
back there
to that easy time and place
when all we needed was .25 worth of candy in our pockets
and a freeze cup to make us happy
put a smile on our face

i think i’d give anything to go back
then i remember to be grateful
that i still have those memories
floating around my brain

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