Sinewy tendrils push

Apart a crack,

Minute and invisible

Moving closer to a surface

Of air, and water, and sun

Tender hairs wiggle

Soil into small canals,

Stretching out, reaching for

Space, and nutrients, and life

Spindles of green shoot

Upward straight trajectory

Toward the golden orb giving

Energy, and strength, and color

Miniature face of petals opens

Inviting arms in a circle of scent

Beaming out a “come hither” to

Lady bugs, butterflies, and ants

Precious fluffs of powdery

Hitchhikers cling to legs and backs

As a cycle continues by

Wing, and trek, and wind.





August 13, 2016

2 thoughts on “Dandelion

  1. I enjoyed reading the Dandelion. It was so well described, so vivid- I almost felt the dandelion in my hand. The poem flowed very well. It was lyrical in areas where you used alliteration and other techniques. I really enjoyed the overall tone of this poem. Excellent job!

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