Dear Ashley, (HR 21)

Forgive yourself
Stop blaming yourself for what you’ve been through
They told you it was all your fault
But they’re the ones who turned you into the victim
It wasn’t your fault
The abuse
The assault
You defended yourself…you fought
Forgive yourself
For feeling guilty over the pain they caused you
For having men who didn’t know how to act like real men
Who abandoned you
Who gave a constant reminder of you not being good enough
Who told you that you would never be worth it
It’s not your fault they crushed you
Or told you that you’re not beautiful
And I know in the end
It caused you to forget your purpose…
…it allowed Devil to make you to feel worthless
Please forgive yourself
For always trying to find the good in people
Even though the red flags were waving boldly
Wearing those rose colored glasses blocked your vision
You didn’t deserve how they treated you
They were being selfish
And they knew you were selfless
Stop punishing yourself
Unclench your jaw
Lower your shoulders
They tried to destroy you
But God said this isn’t the end
Straighten your crown
But most importantly
Forgive them so you can…

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