Heart Gallery (HR 22)

Welcome to my heart gallery
Let me take you on a tour
It all began inside my mother’s womb
Perfectly designed by the Father
Beating, designed to give me life
Once I made my exit into this world
My mother could no longer protect it
Here, to your right is the first sign of damage
It’s a little bruised but nowhere close to shattered
The description reads,
“The day her dad abandoned her”
Now to your left you will notice the damage is little more intense
Description reads,
“Abuse from someone who was supposed to love her”
Down the hall the damage has turned to small cracks from it being mishandled
If you look closely it reads,
“Suicide is never the answer”
Across from this one the damage is extremely noticeable
The description states,
“Gave to the wrong person. He used her and turned her into a single mother”
Behind this glass, this one is shattered but still in one piece
This one reads,
“Losing loved ones can you leave you hollow. Fragile, hold with caution”
As you can see in this glass case
This one has been completely broken
The description states,
“This is what happens when you lose your mother”
In this room you’ll see it’s been put back together
Cracks are still visible, held together with superglue
This plaque quotes,
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13”
Let me end this tour with a reminder
Life won’t always give you kindness
Some people will love you
And some will come to kill, steal, and destroy you
But God has the finally say so in your ending
You can either let circumstances break you
Are you can use those trials and be an inspiration
Give it all to God and let Him heal you
As long as He gives you breath
You have a chance to start over
Thank you for coming!

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