Show Me ((Will You Love Me?))

Poem 7

Show Me ((Will You Love Me?))

By: Ashley L Powers


It’s just me, my pen, and my thoughts

It’s one of those days where tears fill my eyes

And my heart weighs a ton

Where are you because I need you

I need to hear you tell me everything will be okay

I want for you to look at me with all my scars and my broken heart

And tell me that you’ll stay

I don’t want the make believe

Spare me the fairy tales

Don’t sell me a dream

I want you to give me your all

I need you to love me with every fiber of your being

I need to know you will love me when things get too hard to bare

I need you, but I need to know that you care

I need you to love me for me

Will you be there to take care of me?

If I hit rock bottom and all I have to offer is my love

Would you stay with me?

I’m not perfect

But I’m definitely worth it

I truly need you to love me because I deserve it

I promise that I would give you everything inside of me

But only if you show me that you’ll worth it

Everyone else folded

Damaged me and left me broken

Are you willing to love all my broken pieces?

Are you patient enough to help me heal?

Are you willing to show me how real love feels?

I know I’m probably asking for too much

But I need reassurance

That if I give you my mind, body, and soul

You won’t hurt me

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