Hour 12: The Autumn Rain (Form: Symetrelle)

Colors drench the autumn leaves,

Dripping the mirror-like boulevard,

Embed in the sonnets of a bard

The vanishing perspectives of the evening

Capture the trailing endless lampposts burning,

The gusty winds make way for the moon shining.

A couple under the umbrella walking

As their footsteps soften on the yard

For a lovely greeting on a card

Colors drench the autumn leaves.

One thought on “Hour 12: The Autumn Rain (Form: Symetrelle)

  1. I had to look up this form as I was not familiar with it. It might be interesting to give it a try. I like the images this poem offers up. Autumn is my favorite season so I’m a sucker for autumn colors. And the image of a couple on a card is clear.

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