Deadly Storm – hour 4

A deadly storm is brewing
And only time will tell
Who will still be standing
When the water drains to Hell
Who’ll be struck by lightening
And who’ll just blow away
Who will find their higher ground
Or drown beneath the waves
A deadly storm is brewing
We’ve done it to ourselves
Will humanity survive at all?
Only time will tell.
~Mandy KocsisĀ©2021~

Inspiration: “A deadly storm is brewing, and only time will tell who survives.” from the back cover of “Shadow Flight” by Christine Feehan.

One thought on “Deadly Storm – hour 4

  1. Oh my goodness – the sense of impending doom is strong here. You’ve created such a panoramic view of the troubles that we’ve caused (and that we’re going to have to face) as the sense of roiling, flooding waters comes closer and closer. Really powerful.

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